Unlocking the Elusive Work – Life Balance

The “Work – Life Balance” is a buzzword concept we’re all aiming to achieve, but an active working life doesn’t always make it easy. Our work is certainly important, but without relaxing and fulfilling personal time, our efficiency and our mood crashes. We have eight practical tips to work towards a more even balance in our lives, for benefits that reach everywhere from better sleep to a more productive work life. read more

The Orderly Life: Organizing Your Desk

If you’re getting cold sweats, nervous jitters, or outright ignoring the impending holiday season (and all the stress that comes with it), we don’t blame you! But we do have a solution. No, we can’t do your shopping for you, or prepare your aunt’s recipe to perfection, but we can help you get your life in order before the season hits full steam. Introducing: The Orderly Life, tips to get your day-to-day organized, so you’re more prepared to meet the holidays head on.  read more

Top Rated: Members’ Fall Layering Favorites

Layering season is in full swing. And with so many choices to create your best Fall looks, we’re bringing you the best layering pieces, rated highly, and ready for closeting. All rated 4 hearts and above, these pieces are curated by the people who know best: our member! Read on to see the items you need to up your layering game and to get the tips to create the look: read more

GB Recommends: 10 Books You Can’t Miss

Happy National Author’s Day! Celebrating the people who tell us stories, inspire us, teach us, and delight us – we are honoring those who have written some of our favorite books. Are you readers like us? We invite you to our GB Book Club  to follow what we’re reading and join in on the discussion. So far we have read Shrill by Lindy West and A New Model by Ashley Graham, and you can check out the recaps linked. Check out our list of top ten recommendations below and happy reading! read more

Your Guide to the Autumn Getaway

We love a cool weather getaway! Pumpkin carving, apple picking, trips to the vineyard, autumn brings so many fall activities we wait for all year long. This may come as no surprise, but the fall style that comes with those weekends away is what we really live for. We went on one of these trips with three fabulous fashionistas: Shannon Miller, Sandra of La Pecosa Preciosa and Alissa of Stylish Curves. See what these ladies were rocking to get some inspiration for your next autumnal escape. read more

How To Win at Halloween: 5 Easy Transformations Designed to Wow

Eek! Halloween is just around the corner. Are you ready for that party, office costume contest, or handing out candy yet? If not, we’ve got five easy Halloween costumes that you can whip up for any personality, skill set, or closet. Check out our video featuring Jessica Torres as we walk you through transformations you can make in a snap! read more