We love when members post photos in their Gwynnie Bee garb! Each week, we pull some of our recent favorites to share with the entire community.  You can view more Gwynnie Bee member photos here. Such an awesome variety of styles on a wide range of women! Want to share your photos? See the end of this post for information.

Karen Kane Contrast Moto Vest on #gwynniebee member Nikki

Karen Kane Contrast Moto Vest, sizes 0X-3X, on Nikki via Facebook

Triste Etched Print Shift Dress on #gwynniebee member Kimberly

Triste Etched Printed Shift Dress, sizes 0X-5X, on Kimberly via Instagram

Lucie Lu 3/4 Knot Front Dress in Aztec Acid on #gwynniebee member Paddee

Lucie Lu 3/4 Knot Front Dress in Aztec Print, sizes 1X-5X, on Paddee via Facebook

Triste Vineyard Inspired Shift Dress on #gwynniebee member Traci

Triste Vineyard Inspired Shift Dress, sizes 0X-5X, on Traci via Twitter

MBN Herta Dress on #gwynniebee member Lauren

MBN Herta Dress, sizes 0X-3X, on Lauren via Instagram

Karen Kane Contrast Hem Tunic on #gwynniebee member Meshel

Karen Kane Mix & Match Contrast Hem Tunic, sizes 0X-3X, on Meshel of The Muffin Queen’s Closet

Poppy & Bloom Pencil Me In Houndstooth Skirt on #gwynniebee member Laura

Poppy & Bloom Pencil Me In Houndstooth Skirt in Royal Blue, sizes 10-28, on Laura via Facebook

Jessica Howard Long Sleeve Chevron Print Dress on #gwynniebee member Jackie

Jessica Howard Long Sleeve Chevron Print Dress, sizes 10-24, on Jackie via Instagram

We want to see your photos! Use #ShareMeGB so we can find them. By adding the #ShareMeGB hashtag, you are giving us permission to share the photo. See details here.

We look to feature photos that are full length or at least 3/4 body, shot in good light with clean backgrounds and minimal photo effects or text overlays so you and the clothes shine! And they must contain #ShareMeGB to give us permission to share. See this post for shooting tips. 


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  • Lainie

    I absolutely love the Member Style Showcases. I usually closet a few of the items shown. These ladies look so fantastic I had to closet everything all of these pieces.

    In particular the Triste Etched Printed Shift Dress looks like it was made for Kimberly. The shape, the length and especially colors with her skin tone are stunning.