Who better to inspire us here at Gwynnie Bee than our own amazing members? Each month, we’re turning the spotlight on our community to share their stories and flaunt our styles (after all, who would we rather see than the women who really wear them?).

Watch this space for more incredible style and stories, and let us know who inspires you by joining the conversation in the comments below.

Meet the Member!
Name: Katie Blais
Location: Wakefield, MA
Member Since: June 2014
Height: 5’6″
Size: 14/16

Katie was the winner of our Next Model Contest held in May! 

Gwynnie Bee member Katie Blais

NIC + ZOE Dashed Diamonds Cardy

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I was born and raised north of Boston. I have a huge Irish family, including my two older brothers. Family and friends are very important to me, as is living life on the bright side and having fun. I am into sports, especially soccer and basketball. I play on some sports teams and absolutely love it. My other family is my friends with whom I am very lucky to have known since middle school – we do so much together. They consider me to be funny and outgoing; I’ll do anything for a laugh. I also love photography, reading, going up north to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy our family lake house. Other hobbies include cake decorating, music, and motorcycling. I am all about trying new things and getting myself out there. Next on my list is learning to scuba dive!

Gwynnie Bee member Katie Blais

Corey Marni Dress in Striped Floral

Tell us about your GB photo shoot—what was your experience like?

I picked Salem, MA because it is such a unique, New England town. It’s known for its history and the place of Salem witches but there are so many hidden gems and beautiful places to see too. I’ve never done anything like this before so at first I was a little anxious. Luckily, the photographer chosen is a girl with whom I graduated high school with. As soon as I broke the ice, I started to get really into the shoot. Adrienne and her assistant, Emily, made me feel so comfortable and I ended up having a great time. We enjoyed a lot of laughs and Adrienne even let me take some shots of her wearing my hat! I am still amazed at how well the photographer captured everything and I would love to do it again.

Gwynnie Bee member Katie Blais

Evans Teal Metallic Jersey Top

Which piece from the shoot was your favorite?

My favorite piece is probably a tie between the black and white striped dress and the floral dress. I love how well the pictures came out with the floral dress. I will be keeping the black and white one. It’s that kind of dress that is flattering on everyone and gives you that extra confidence boost! I can’t wait to wear it out one night.

Gwynnie Bee member Katie Blais

BB Dakota Elin Striped Ponte Tank Dress

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

I don’t like to put myself in any one category – I am very open minded when it comes to fashion. I love to try new things and I love to find that unique accessory that really ties the whole outfit together. I love to wear boots and heels, whether it’s with my favorite jeans or my work outfit. I am also very big on blouses and dresses that can accentuate the curves. I was never big on dresses because I could never find any that fit me and looked right on me. Thanks to Gwynnie Bee, I have a newfound love for dresses and find myself closeting more and more of them!

Gwynnie Bee member Katie Blais

City Chic Cute Spot Dress

Which GB brands are your favorite?

IGIGI is my ultimate favorite! Their clothes fit me perfectly and look great. I also love X-two, Karen Kane, and BB Dakota to name a few. City Chic has taken me by surprise and is the brand I go to when I want to try something new or edgy.

Gwynnie Bee member Katie Blais

NIC + ZOE Dashed Diamonds Cardy

Which trends are on your “to-try list” this spring and summer?

I would love to try something with fringe and definitely try more dresses! There are so many beautiful maxi dresses that I want to try. Since the spring, I have been trying different cuts of blouses, like asymmetrical and handkerchief. I’ve been pairing them with skinny pants, another new wardrobe staple of mine.

Gwynnie Bee member Katie Blais

Corey Marni Dress in Striped Floral

Any words of wisdom for the GB community?

Continue to lean on GB and the community for inspiration and praise. Trying GB and sticking with the company for over a year now has given me the ability to look and feel great! GB is helping more plus size women feel great and I love that plus size is more acceptable today than ever. No one should have to feel like they are not beautiful or that they don’t fit a mold. Continue to break out of those molds!

Photography by: Adrienne Jeanne
Makeup by: Jacquelyn Pelusi

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  • Nicole V Poesl

    U LOOK AMAZING KATIE! Beautiful Shots! My FAVS r the Black Spot Dress & the Jean outfit.
    Xox Nicole

  • Melissa

    Wow, you look AMAZING. Gorgeous. My favorite is the jeans outfit with the cardi and the hat. I got that cardi and loved it; it looks incredible on you with that outfit.

  • Laura Leah Moore

    You are GORGEOUS!! Thank you for sharing these amazing photos.

  • M. Meyer

    Stunning woman! Love your attitude and commitment to family and friends! You’re gorgeous:-)

  • Jennifer Pavich

    Lovely! The black and white polka dots with the pink accessories is fabulous!

  • The_Weed

    Great editorial! Congratulations, Katie. Good pick for Salem for your photoshoot. I love the history and culture in Salem – glad the weather held up for you! 🙂 The photos are gorgeous.