Who better to inspire us here at Gwynnie Bee than our own amazing members? Each month, we’re turning the spotlight on our community to share their stories and flaunt our styles (after all, who would we rather see than the women who really wear them?). Watch this space for more incredible style and stories. If you would like to be considered for an upcoming installment of “We’re Inspired By…”, submit your unique story!

This November, we’re inspired by Ashleigh, who used Gwynnie Bee to boost her confidence transitioning from being a full-time mom to re-joining the workforce.

Meet the Member!

Name: Ashleigh M.
Location: San Diego, CA
Member Since:  December 2013

Member Ashleigh shows off her Gwynnie Bee Style

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself!
I am a 35 year-old wife and working mom to a charismatic 6 year-old daughter, who is my mini-clone. We have two fur babies: a Yorkie mix named Sydney and Zelda, a long haired calico. I was born in New Orleans, grew up in a small Louisiana town of less than 400 people and moved to San Diego 15 years ago. Outgoing and energetic, I love to travel, host parties, go out to dinner and dancing with my girlfriends, and I am always down for karaoke.

My husband, Matt, and I were married eight years ago by the beach. We work for the same software company—him in engineering, me in marketing—and get to carpool to work most days. I am a trade show coordinator and get to travel quite a bit for work. My company trips and vacations this past year have been incredible, taking me to London, Edinburgh, Paris, Maui and Amsterdam! I’m so lucky to have a husband that prefers being a homebody and isn’t as keen on travel, because he stays home with our daughter when I’m gone and holds down the fort effortlessly.

Member Ashleigh shows off her Gwynnie Bee Style
What inspired you to become a Gwynnie Bee member?
After being a stay-at-home mom for two years, I went back into the workforce. I needed to elevate my wardrobe and add professional pieces, but also not break the bank. I saw an online ad for a 30-day free trial and have been in love with it ever since!

Member Ashleigh shows off her Gwynnie Bee Style
What has your Gwynnie Bee experience been like thus far?
Incredible. I call it my guilty pleasure, because there is nothing more indulgent than wearing gorgeous designer outfits several times a week. I feel so sneaky, knowing that I’m not paying designer prices! My confidence has soared since becoming a member. I feel more put together and beautiful and get compliments every day on my GB outfits. Even my husband notices the difference. When it comes time to tighten our budgets, I always put my GB subscription on the table. He quickly vetoes it because he’s seen the marked difference in my self-esteem during these past few years. 🙂

Member Ashleigh shows off her Gwynnie Bee Style
How has Gwynnie Bee changed the way you approach fashion?
It has taught me to dress for my shape. I know what different cuts and materials flatter me the most, and I am more familiar with designers that suit my style. I also value quality now more than ever. Of course, the flexibility of being able to try garments at which I might never have looked twice is a super attractive feature.

Member Ashleigh shows off her Gwynnie Bee Style
What pieces have you been most excited to receive? Has any piece surprised you with how much you love it?
I am always excited when there is a piece from London Times headed my way! I’ve kept pieces from that designer the most. I also dig ruched, side gather and scuba-knit garments because they’re so forgiving. And dresses! Gwynnie Bee has some of the most flattering dresses, some even with pockets. LOVE.

By description, I was horrified at the thought of a “body con” dress on my shape/size. When my colorblock pencil dress by Asos Curve came, I was blown away. Kept that baby! Rock it at the club, dancing the night away! 😉

Member Ashleigh shows off her Gwynnie Bee Style

How would you describe your sense of style? 
I’m usually quite practical, both in style and wallet. And before Gwynnie Bee, I would find a top or bottom I liked, then buy it in several colors, paired with simple separates. I am not ashamed to admit that I didn’t go into many department stores and mostly did my clothing shopping at Target or Walmart. I couldn’t justify spending more than $20 on a single garment. With Gwynnie Bee in my life, I see the value of quality designer clothes—designers that tailor an outfit to women of your shape so it brings out the best you. I never imagined!

Member Ashleigh shows off her Gwynnie Bee Style

Who are the women who inspire you?
My (husband’s) grandmothers. They are/were such smart and determined women. The three of them exude a confidence that comes from having lives filled with family, friends and experiences that make you strong.

My best girlfriends also inspire me every day. They are intelligent, professional women who are honest, energizing and supportive. They are a refreshing mix of single, married, stay-at-home and working moms who I know will be loyal friends forever. We’ve created a powerful network of community together and I feel like we’ll always be there for each other.

Photography by: Fangting R Photography
Makeup by: Maria of Bootleg Rouge Makeup

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  • Mary Ann Geyer

    How do you know the prices ? And is plus size ? Or just petite?