Welcome to another installment of “Not a Model,” where Gwynnie Bee members style and play model in their favorite items. This is a great resource to see how different items look on different heights and body types, and could spark some styling inspiration for various pieces. To see previous “Not a Model” posts, click here.

She’s not a model, but she plays one with Gwynnie Bee! Meet Mabel!



Gwynnie Bee Member: Mabel Hunsicker
Lives in: The Big Apple
Member Since: The very beginning




Tell us a little bit about your personal sense of style!

It’s all about making a statement ladies. Growing up I was one of seven so standing out from the pack was a real challenge. How do you set yourself apart? Embellished collars were an important step to self-discovery for me. They spoke to me in a way traditional nylon collars never did, and when they spoke they said Dare to be fabulous.

It was a command that I obeyed, and not just because obedience was core curricula at the disciplinary academy I was attending at the time, but because the idea of true self-expression really appealed to me. Why waste time following the pack? Unlike cats who delude themselves into thinking that they’ve got nine lives, I know I’ve got one life to live and I intend to live it to the fashion fullest. #YOLO.

New Yorkers are known for wearing a lot of black. Does this apply to you?

Absolutely not. Give me color, darling! I’ll rock a LBC [little black collar] every now and again when I’m having a Holly Golightly moment, but my feeling is that there are too many gorgeous colors in the world to just settle on black.

But can’t dogs only see in black and white anyhow?

Girlfriend, please. Get your facts straight. Fine, we may see a more “limited” color spectrum than your average human, but that does not mean that we can’t rock a pop of color like the rest of ’em.

Mabel loves a good hat #GwynnieBee #NotAModel #DogFashion

Right. Moving right along to the next question then. What are your feelings on accessories?

Go big or go home. I love a fresh take on a classic staple. Take my personal fave statement piece (pictured below). The pearl necklace is timeless, but this baby takes it to the next level. We’re talking pearls on pearls on pearls. More pearls than you can count on four paws. Just look at my neck simply straining under the weight of all that fabulosity. Don’t be afraid to go bold and let your accessories do the talking.

What trends are you looking forward to this spring?

Anything flirty and feminine. I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to wear skirts again. Really digging the pastel trend that’s all over the runways these days. Pastels look really good on me.

Any advice for the Gwynnie Bee community?

Anything is possible with a willing heart — I read that on a fortune cookie.

Which of Mabel’s looks is your favorite? Comment below!

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  • Kelsey

    Mabel’s tips are spot on. Watch out, Jenna Lyons. MMH is coming for you.

  • http://gingersnapworks.com Amy Nowacoski

    Every girl needs a great statement necklace.

  • Christine

    As her agent, I would just like to say Mabel conducted herself like a true professional on the shoot and during the interview. While she is a star, she has managed to stay grounded and humble throughout.

    • Pepper

      Lol, she is so cute Christine!

  • Rachel

    Where can we get that pink tulle skirt? I can’t find it on your site. I’m having a hard enough time getting the Kiyonna tulle skirt, and now I have to be taunted by this??

  • http://authenticallyemmie.com Emily

    As a southern girl myself, I totally agree with Mabel. Pearls on pearls on pearls is the only way to go.

  • Toni

    Does Mabel have a blog? I’d love to see more of her OOTDs!

  • https://www.facebook.com/CynthiaCallahanWeightloss Cynthia Callahan

    Fantastic! Mabel is fabulous. I love it!

  • Chrissy

    Love it! Best fashion blog post ever!

  • Jennifer

    Mabel is fabulous! Quite the fashionista!

  • Polly

    made me smile!