Not a Model: Lexa and Alison

Welcome to a new series on the Gwynnie Bee blog where we celebrate members featuring their Gwynnie Bee picks. This will be a great resource to see how different items look on different heights and body types, and could spark some styling inspiration for various pieces.  

They aren’t models, but they play ones with Gwynnie Bee! 
Meet Alison and Lexa 

Gwynnie Bee Member: Alison
38 years old, Washington, DC
5’3″, Size 12/14 petite
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Gwynnie Bee Member: Lexa
32 years old, Washington, DC
5’6″, Size 12/14
Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram

Lexa in AX Paris Stud Cuff Dress; Alison in SimplyBe Beaded Tunic Dress

How long have you been a member of Gwynnie Bee?
: Since August 2012
Lexa: Since October 2012

Why did you join?
As a woman who has been plus or cusp sized for most of her adult life, I have found it hard to find fab clothing that fits and flatters.  I know my readers who live in more rural areas find it to be even more difficult.  I loved the idea of Gwynnie Bee catering to our size and clothing issues, and loved the variety of clothing and the care for their customers.

Lexa: I had seen a lot of great bloggers using the service and I was really excited about the concept of the company.  As a woman who loves fashion and in the double digits, it has always been a struggle.  I really liked the idea of trying something trendy and sending it back.  I have been losing weight–slow but steady–and it was looking for transitional pieces.

Lexa in Kiyonna Scalloped Lace Boudoir Dress in Red;
Alison in Coldwater Creek Lace Scroll Dress

Favorite Gwynnie Bee moment(s):

Alison: When it seems as though Gwynnie Bee can read my mind or at least my agenda book and a box arrives on just the right day with just the right garment inside foran upcoming event.  This happened recently when I had to speak at IKEA; I had no idea what to wear.  I wanted to wear color, be comfortable, look approachable, and stylish.  Two days before the speaking engagement my Gwynnie Bee box showed up with the Eloquii Chevron T-shirt dress.  It fit perfectly and was a hit for the event!

Lexa: The photo shoot with Allie was a great time, of course.  Playing dress up and spending time with a girlfriend?  Can’t ask for more than that.  Also, every time someone compliments my outfit.  That happens a lot!

Lexa in ASOS Curve Peplum Top in Dog Tooth; Alison in SimplyBe Geometric Print Tunic

Favorite Gwynnie Bee brands?

Alison:  Eloquii and Simply Be

Lexa: ASOS Curve.  I love how on trend they are.  I have also been really pleased with a lot of the Alfani stuff.

Favorite Gwynnie Bee pieces?

AlisonEloqui Chevron T-shirt dress, Lands’ End Pleat Shoulder Drapey V-neck Dress, and the Simply Be Printed Sheath Dress

Lexa:  The peplum leopard print jacket by ASOS Curve.  The Jessica Simpson ponte sheath dress. The Trixxi short sleeve colorblock dress.

Alison in ASOS Curve Shift Dress in Animal Print; Lexa in Spense Bird Print Shirtdress

Why do you love Gwynnie Bee?

Alison:  Because it extends my wardrobe without extending my budget.  Now I can have all the current trends in brands that fit my curves without buyer’s remorse, have a constantly rotating selection of great workwear, and never tire of my closet.  I also love how much Gwynnie Bee cares about their customers, reacting to all feedback and constantly improving to better their clientele.

Lexa:  A million reasons, but at it’s core, I think Gwynnie Bee empowers women.  Style and fashion help you exude confidence in your every day life and Gwynnie Bee facilitates that.

What are your favorite items from Alison and Lexa’s photos? Let us know in the comments.

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  • DWJ

    I love the geometric print top and the red sequin dress Alison is wearing. I’m a long time reader of Wardrobe Oxygen and I know I should sign up for the service too. I just keep procrastinating!

    • gwynnie

      We love Alison! Let us know if you have any questions about joining.

  • Maxie

    Y’all look lovely!

    • gwynnie

      Don’t they? We’re fans!

  • Jessica McFadden

    I’m digging the lace dresses — sooooo hot! (The gals and the frocks, both!)

    • gwynnie