Welcome to another installment of “Not a Model,” where Gwynnie Bee members style and play model in their favorite items. This is a great resource to see how different items look on different heights and body types, and could spark some styling inspiration for various pieces. To see previous “Not a Model” posts, click here.

She’s not a model, but she plays one with Gwynnie Bee! Meet Ashlie!

Gwynnie Bee Member: Ashlie
Size: 18/20
Height: 5’8″
Lives in: Brooklyn, NY
Member Since: July 2013



When it comes to playing dress-up, Ashlie Atkinson’s a pro.

No, really. As an actress, it’s pretty much in the job description – so when Ashlie invited us over to the South Slope apartment she shares with her finace Leon and her cats Pearl and Mookie for an afternoon of dress-up fun, we came prepared with some of our favorite styles. While the character she plays in the TV series Us & Them favors the rockabilly look – Ashlie went for pieces that were funky, fun, and feminine.

T-Bags Los Angeles Dolman Sleeve Maxi Dress, sizes L-3X

How would you describe your sense of style?

Eclectic? I like looking tough, but I also like being soft. I don’t do fashion too well per se – mostly I just play dress up! Sometimes it’s boho Stevie Nicks, sometimes it’s Joan Jett, and sometimes it’s Joan of Arc.



 Taylor Dresses Printed Side Tucked Dress, sizes 14W-24W

How does your character Nessa like to dress?

Nessa is proud of her body and loves to show it off. But she also does a lot of different things in the course of a say. So she might wear overalls for cleaning a septic tank, but a Bettie Page wiggle dress with a motorcycle jacket for going out. The looks are heavily geared towards a blend of rockabilly (pencil skirts, American Traditional tats, victory rolls) and a twist on country girl metal (ripped jeans, engineer boots, lots of chains).

ASOS Curve Cutout Peplum Top, sizes 14-22 and
Eloquii Faux Leather Pencil Skirt, size 14W

What’s your favorite Gwynnie Bee brand?

Oooh, that’s a hard one. ASOS Curve for trends, Kiyonna for gorgeous shapes… and I cannot BELIEVE how much Coldwater Creek I pick out! It’s insane! They’ve gone so funky!!

ASOS Curve Pencil Skirt in Rainbow Sequins, sizes 14-24

By now you must have been to numerous fittings. What advice do you have for Gwynnie Bee members who are having trouble finding the perfect fit?

You are not a hanger. I know it’s silly, but so often I don’t try something because I don’t like it on the hanger – but when someone makes me, I love it!

Thanks for playing dress up with us Ashlie!

Want to get out in front of the camera? If you’d like to play not a model with us, we’re always looking for ladies with wonderful stories about how Gwynnie Bee has impacted them.

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  • Linnea

    I would love to play not a model.Gwynnie Bee has been absolutely wonderful in my life I cant give enough praise.

  • Hillary

    I have to say that Gwynnie Bee has allowed me to branch out and really discover things about myself that I never appreciated – I have curves in “good places”, the bright and vibrant colors/patterns bring out my eyes, sometimes my personality. My entire life I have stayed away from dresses, almost like they were a plague. I have been able to try on so many dresses and skirts, Gwynnie Bee, my receptionist can’t wait to see what I get in the mail next. While I’m still a ‘tomboy’ – pants and sweaters are my work mainstay, it is nice to mix it up once in a while.

    • gwynnie

      Love hearing this!

  • Leslie

    I love try then buy, it saves me the trouble from going store to different store trying on so many different sets of clothes. This website allows you to see the optional ways that other women choose to wearthe same thing you have but in another way. It’s just fabulous, I’m always talking about this site.

  • http://cushieworld.wordpress.com Rachel

    This is so great. Do you guys every do “Not A Model” for members outside of the Northeast? Also, there is a hormonal disease that runs rampant in the female population called Cushing’s Disease. It causes massive weight gain and other physical effects, as well as emotional effects. Your body is never the same once it has run its course. I am a survivor of said disease, and Gwynnie has helped me gain my confidence in myself back, despite my different body shape and the higher number on the scale. I LOVE Gwynnie. I would love, love, love to spread awareness of Gwynnie while also spreading awareness for this devastating nightmare of a disease. We are actually planning a Cushing’s Disease conference, and it would be so great if Gwynnie could come and play dress up with some of our ladies that need a confidence booster. Gwynnie does so much good for the female community. I’m so glad you guys are in my life!

    Rachel in Nashville