The Local: Anna of Glitter and Lazers’ Austin, TX

Who’s up for some virtual travel with the most stylish and cool women we know? In this edition of The Local, we turn to Anna of Glitter and Lazers to show off what she loves about her hometown of Austin, TX. Find out what else Anna loves by following her on her colorful and charming Instagram and blog.

The Local: Anna's Austin, TX

Welcome to Austin, where we are passionate about breakfast tacos, Topo Chico and keeping it 100% weird. The number one thing I love about Austin is the general touch of quirk you can find in most of the city’s fun staples.

South Congress
One of my favorite areas for discovering a bit of the uncanny is South Congress. The neighborhood is filled with amazing street art on every corner and food trucks galore. There you’ll find 3 of my favorite haunts and potentially a few people who can tell you a few stories about a few times in my life I haven’t decided if I regret or am really proud of.

The Local: Anna's Austin, TX Jete Multi-Colored Abstract Printed Hi-Lo Dress

Uncommon Objects
I supported my way through college by working at a furniture store and doing a little interior design, so its logical I would get serious eye drool when exploring the twisting hallways of Austin Original market of “transcendent junk.” Where else can you buy a collection of fez hats, vintage anatomy dummies and myriad of creep porcelain baby statuettes in a single place?
1512 South Congress Ave. | Open daily from 11-7

The Local: Anna's Austin, TX Jete Multi-Colored Abstract Printed Hi-Lo Dress

Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds
Not only does this costume store have a deliciously pun-ny name, it’s also got a 12 ft zebra dressed as Carmen Miranda on it’s roof. Look behind the cash registers as you enter for a wall of amazing and unique accessories; it’s my jewelry jam and super affordable. As for the costumes- Lucy’s offers tons of plus options to both rent and buy. I could live in this shop. It’s a magical parade of sparkle, cotton candy colored wigs, neon body suits and synthetic strap on beards.
1506 S. Congress Ave
Open daily from 11-7

Continental Club
If you love music and cheer beer, then continental club should be on your radar. This historic bar is known for consistently find great local acts and keeping the old school Austin vibe alive. Don’t expect clean toilets or fancy cocktails, this 100% a dive bar. However, do expect to be pleasantly surprised by some fantastic tunes and excellent service.
1315 S. Congress Ave
Open daily from 4pm-2am

The Local: Anna's Austin, TX Isabel + Alice Floral Ombre Printed Blouse

Hideout Theater
The comedy community in Austin is booming and for the past year, one of my favorite stops for cut ups is the Hideout Theater. This venue is known for hosting the non-traditional Maestro! show on Saturdays Nights at 10:00pm—where eager improvers battle it out in a Battle Royal style improve off. If you’re lucky enough to be in town when it’s running, check out the theater amazing improvised musicals and dramatic plays. Because who doesn’t want to see a completely improvised show in the style of a Disney musical? Check the website for show times—and if you’re in Austin…classes!

The Local: Anna's Austin, TX

Barton Springs
No Austin post would be complete with out a shout out to the infamous Barton Springs, the year round natural swimming hole that keeps a lovely 70 degree temperature year round. There is a measly $3 fee to enter the pool, but if you want locals will tell you that some of the best times are spent just beyond the enclosed pool borders. Here you can swim for free and bring your canine companion too.
2201 Barton Springs Rd.  
5am to 10pm Year Round

The Local: Anna's Austin, TX

There’s simply not enough space to write all the things I love about Austin. Honorable mentions to:

Thanks for showing us Austin, Anna! Do you love Austin, too? Comment below and let us know your can’t-miss hotspots in the area.

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  • Ashanta Smith

    Thank for sharing, Anna. I definitely helps to see the outfits on somebody else my size 🙂 It was also nice to see a little of Texas.