Bang for Your Buck: 4 Beauty Hacks

Whether you’re a beauty maven or a skincare guru or just really into moisturizer, getting your perfect look can put a major dent in your wallet. Sure, drugstore purchases can be great on the go, but some products are worth the cost if you can get the most value out of them. Before you start mailing your paychecks directly to Sephora, read these four tips on making your dollar go further.

1) Think Multipurpose –

There is a moisturizer sold for every part of your face, but honestly, these specialized products are not necessarily worth the splurge. Eye cream has been sold as a product needed for the thin skin just under your eyes, but in reality, a light moisturizer does the work just fine. Consider switching to your favorite oil, jojoba or argan, or even Vaseline, which all work as moisturizers, cuticle treatment, makeup remover, and even lip balm. Spend your money on one great product that plays many roles and tuck away those savings.

2) Refresh and Revive – 

Extend the life of your favorite products with easy fixes. Add a little salt water to a mascara that’s drying and reset broken powders with rubbing alcohol.

3) Find Your Right Formula –

There are a limited number of formulaic differences from product to product. If there is a serum that your face loves, compare ingredients across brands to find a similar item at a lower price point. Pay for what’s in the bottle, not what’s on it.

4) Purchase Sets over Singles –

Gift sets and palettes give you great value. Instead of buying 6 individual lipsticks that you may use occasionally, buy a palette and don’t waste money on products you’re not using. Gift sets can bring a price way down, and give you bonus items you may not buy on their own.

Do you have any beauty hacks to get the most out of your money? Comment below and share your favorite tips and tricks.

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