The Orderly Life: Hacking the Holidays

If you’re getting cold sweats, nervous jitters, or outright ignoring the impending holiday season (and all the stress that comes with it), we don’t blame you! But we do have a solution. No, we can’t do your shopping for you, or prepare your aunt’s recipe to perfection, but we can help you get your life in order before the season hits full steam. Introducing: The Orderly Life, tips to get your day-to-day organized, so you’re more prepared to meet the holidays head on. 

The post you’ve been waiting for is here! We’ve been exploring organizing your desk, and finding your perfect planner to ramp up for today’s topic: hacking the holidays. We’ve all had years we’re forcing gift shopping, cookie baking, party hopping, and cleaning all in one day, having no time to enjoy it. These tips are specifically meant to free up your time or make it easier, so those frantic days are banished from the Holiday 2017 season.


Create a “secret” Pinterest board to house all your gift ideas. As you’re browsing the web, or get a bright idea for a gift, pin the link to your secret board. That way you can go back when you’ve got your wallet handy and knock out all your online shopping gifts at once. You also have a visual glance at what you’re looking to gift all the loved ones in your life.


When thinking about the things that make up your season: holiday traditions, baking special foods, holiday parties – take the time to consider how excited you are about each activity. Put these activities in buckets :”must-haves”, “would be nice”, and “not important”, and balance your schedule. Give weight to the things that matter the most and let go of what you can, to really enjoy your “must-haves”.


Bake and freeze in advance! You can start this at any time. Whether it’s holiday pies or your special recipe cookies, you can make these during any free time now, that way day of, you merely need to reheat and go (and can focus on your other to-do list items).

Staying Organized

Have a holiday calendar meant specifically for the season. Mark down holiday parties and what gifts or food you’re planning for those days, and any other special dates, like when people are arriving in town. You have your holiday season at a snapshot and when you’re shopping or prepping you can look ahead in one spot to find out what you need to do.

Drudge work

Holidays can also mean doing things that are just plain drudge work. Whether it’s cleaning the house, wrapping gifts, baking, running errands, there are so many logistics this time of year. Take a look at your budget and see if you have wiggle room to unload some of these tasks to free up your time and energy. Consider hiring a home cleaning services (many will have specials this time of year!) for a few days before, or bringing your gifts to be professionally wrapped, or hire a service like Task Rabbit to run your errands.

How do you stay organized this busy season? Sound off below in the comments and let us know.

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