Expectations vs Reality: Black Friday & #BorrowFriday

Black Friday vs #BorrowFriday. Take a look into the future and make the choice for yourself:

Black Friday, 3:30am.

Your alarm is blaring, it’s 3:30am, did you even sleep, your pillow is calling you to stay, but sorry pillow, snoozing is not an option. You’re up, your feet hit the cold floor, no time for a shower, so double up on that deodorant, hair in a messy top knot, wearing two different socks and a parka.

Borrow Friday, 3:30am.

You’re fast asleep, snuggled deep in your comforter, has your pillow ever been this comfy? The leftovers you’ll be having in a few hours dance in your head. You’re dreaming of pretty winter weather, knowing you don’t have a single place to go today.

Black Friday, 4am.

You’re whisper-yelling at your cousin to get in the car while munching on a cold piece of turkey, don’t wake the kids, but you gotta go NOW. Rubbing the sleep from your eyeballs, you’re in the car, the cold leather of the seat reminding you it’s the freaking middle of the night still.

Borrow Friday, 4am.


Black Friday, 8am.

You’ve been shopping for three and a half hours and nursing your bruises – people take the word “doorbuster” too literally – when there it is: you found the perfect sweater for your daughter’s holiday dance recital. It was the last one on the rack, and damn, it’s a size too small. You look over and see the sweater dangling from a nearby cart and snatch it without the rightful owner noticing. Sneaking away, you realize that might have been your son’s kindergarten teacher.

Borrow Friday, 8am.

Do you smell coffee? Aww, your partner, who was up first, is brewing coffee. You smile as they enter the room handing you a cup as you stretch in your bed.

Black Friday, 9:30am.

You’re jittery from the amount of 5-Hour Energy coursing through your veins, how many of those are safe to drink anyway? But you’re on your eleventh? twelfth? eighteenth? store and you’re having trouble reading your crumpled and smudged shopping list. Your bank has called you three times, even they’re worried about you. YES, you made those purchases, YES, you’re aware that’s a lot of money to spend in five hours, while you have them… could you get a credit increase?

Borrow Friday, 9:30am.

Propped up on your couch, your partner is giving you a foot rub, as you post pictures of your kids dressed up as turkeys yesterday. There are several holiday movie marathons on today, or do you want to order something on demand? Tough choices!

Black Friday, 11am.

You are haggard, you don’t even want to look at your receipts for fear of tallying up what you bought today. You got the must-have toy, the one you’ll only end up taking the batteries out of in two months in sheer desperation to never hear the noises it makes ever again. You missed out on the gadget for your partner, guess they’re getting a homemade coupon-book again this year. Your trunk is packed and you can’t see out your rearview mirror. How many years has it been since you’ve seen your bed? Oh, it’s only been seven hours? You’re pretty sure this day has aged you.

Borrow Friday, 11am.

Leftovers and board games with the kiddos – you know Thanksgiving was yesterday, but you’re feeling pretty grateful for this moment right here. Your kids are giggling at your partner’s impression of the cartoon on TV and you’re enjoying some late morning pumpkin pie.

Black Friday, 3pm.

You’re back in your bed, nobody better talk to you for the rest of the day, your children have been warned to avoid the mom-ster you’re channeling today, your feet are aching, you have blisters on your blisters, your credit card strip is worn and maybe dented, you’re terrified your bank is going to call you again and honestly, you haven’t felt your fingers in hours.

Borrow Friday, 3pm.

In a warm bubble bath, listening to Pandora, you’re ready to celebrate Borrow Friday. You pull up your Gwynnie Bee app, find a few sweaters for upcoming events, a few dresses for holiday parties, and a great blazer for work, prioritize your favorites. While you’re there you nab a few gift subscriptions for your mom, sister, best friend, and neighbor (cause why not? She works hard too!) and you click your phone back off, without even reaching for your credit card. Borrow Friday was a total success.

Embrace #BorrowFriday and browse our New Arrivals or gift a Gwynnie Bee subscription for the woman in your life, who needs this in her life too.

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