6 Women You Can Cross Off Your Holiday List With This One Gift

Finding the perfect gift can be a real task. With so many different types of women in your life, there is no “one gift fits all” solution… isn’t there? We’re challenging that and highlighting all the women in your life who need the gift of Gwynnie Bee. Read on to see who in your life fits these profiles and start your gifting for the holidays today.

The Woman Who’s Picky –
For the friend who has particular tastes, the subscription rental box is perfect for her. You know she’s got style, but you haven’t quite pinned it down yet – here’s a way to give her something she’ll love, since the control is in her hands! Gift her an endless wardrobe, with thousands of styles that’ll delight even the most discerning of women.

The Woman Who Hates Shopping –
If the woman in your life dreads the idea of strolling the mall, braving the dressing room, and spending her day in racks of clothes, but still wants to look her best, a rental box makes a great gift. She can create the perfect look, delivered to her door, without having to step a foot into retail.

The Woman Who Has Everything –
When you’re wracking your brain for the friend in your life who’s got it all, gift her a rental box this year. With new styles added constantly, your friend is sure to find something new and exciting every time she logs into her account.

The Woman Who Needs Exciting Workwear –
The woman in your life who needs a workwear wardrobe that wows will love a rental box as a box. Keep her closet of looks fresh and sharp, so she can focus on taking her career to the next level.

The Woman Who Can’t Commit to Any Look –
For the lady whose style changes with the weather, a rotating closet means she never has to lock in any one look. Swapping out her vibe for a new one is as simple as free two-day shipping. Gifting her a subscription rental box is gifting her the freedom to be who she choses each day.

The Woman Who’s a Busy Mom –
For the mom whose “me” time has turned into “mom” time, a subscription rental box means doing something just for her. With just a few clicks, she can refresh her wardrobe, while still being super-mom.

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