First Fit Favorites, featuring Marcy

With every New Arrivals launch, you want the most information possible to closet smartly. That’s why each new item on the site is reviewed by two women of different body types, who provide feedback on fit, material, length, to help you understand more about the great pieces arriving at your door. Some items are standouts and deserve a little extra love, so we’re happy to introduce you to our “First Fit Favorites”. These are the best of the best, according to our reviewers. Check back here every few weeks, we will highlight some of their favorite items, so you never miss a hidden gem.

Meet Marcy

Marcy Cruz is a freelance writer, author, blogger, and body positive advocate. Her blog, Fearlessly Just Me, is the go-to destination for women seeking inspiration in fashion, confidence, traveling, and more. Marcy is on a mission to empower everyone to love the skin they’re in and show that #fashionisforeveryone. She loves feminine, fun styles with a touch of street edge to them. Check out some of her favorite styles below!

photo City Chic Attitude Dress

Has your style changed since joining Gwynnie Bee?

WOW, my style has evolved so much since I joined Gwynnie Bee! Aside from having access to designer styles from Tracy Reese, Amanda Uprichard and Rachel Antonoff in MY SIZE, Gwynnie Bee has changed my life in such a deep way. Over the last 3-4 years, I have undergone a major transformation in my style where my journey to self love helped me in becoming more true to myself, as I was when I was a teenager and wore what I wanted and loved. I’m more confident and in love with myself to the point where I never want this great love affair to end. Read Marcy’s City Chic Attitude Dress review here.

photo-2 City Chic Floral Spot Dress

Which styles do you find work best for your body type?

I have a small waist in comparison to my bust and hips so any style that emphasizes my waist looks amazing. Peplum tops, skater dresses, wrap dresses, and sheath dresses work so well for my body type. A tie belt is a godsend to me. A skinny silhouette in a pant or jean is great, too. I have large upper calves so it’s rare to find a skinny jean that fits well but when I do, I am in love! Read Marcy’s City Chic Floral Spot Dress review here.

photo-1 City Chic Samurai Jumpsuit

What new things have you tried that you wouldn’t have normally since being introduced to Gwynnie Bee?

I think the major style I tried that has had the most impact on my life is the jumpsuit. I admit that I am extremely self-conscious of my lumpy thighs so I thought I could never wear a jumpsuit and look good in one. I was so wrong. I ended up buying this City Chic jumpsuit I tried at Gwynnie Bee and love it so much. I’ve also tried a romper and dresses above the knee. I used to never wear mini lengths on dresses and skirts. I know now that while my body is not “perfect”, whose body is? That doesn’t mean it is not worthy of love and being dressed impeccably. I am worthy of fashion just as every woman is. Read Marcy’s City Chic Samurai Jumpsuit review here.


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