First Fit Favorites, featuring Kerri

With every New Arrivals launch, you want the most information possible to closet smartly. That’s why each new item on the site is reviewed by two women of different body types, who provide feedback on fit, material, length, to help you understand more about the great pieces arriving at your door. Some items are standouts and deserve a little extra love, so we’re happy to introduce you to our “First Fit Favorites”. These are the best of the best, according to our reviewers. Check back here every few  weeks, we will highlight some of their favorite items, so you never miss a hidden gem.

Meet Kerri

Over the last two years Kerri has been on a weight loss and body positivity journey, however she has always loved clothes and fashion. Her love for style became a challenge during this journey as her body was constantly changing. As she continues her self-love journey she lives under the motto of “It feels good to look good” and is constantly and confidently experimenting with new styles and trends that she never would have imagined before.

photo-1 Read Kerri’s 5 star review of the Hutch Liana Knit Dress in Navy here.

Has your style changed since joining Gwynnie Bee?

Oh, absolutely!! I’ve always had an eye for fashion, but was way more “inside of the box” and chose “safe” choices when I’d shop. After joining Gwynnie Bee, because of the #rentandreturn system, I am SO open to trying things that I never would have before! I love the edgy, unique, trendy fashions that come in each week, and that I can experiment with what suits my body! The commitment of buying is an option, but not mandated, which makes me totally open to trying everything and anything!

photo-2 Read Kerri’s 5 star review of the Katherine Barclay Two Pocked Vest with Side Slits in Camel here.

What new things have you tried that you wouldn’t have normally since being introduced to Gwynnie Bee?

One MAJOR trend I have totally grown to love is high waisted jeans. I would have never in a million years thought I could pull them off, but after being selected to fit them multiple times at the “first fit” reviews, I am IN LOVE! I love the way they show of my figure, my hips and waist. I fell in love with a pair of Melissa McCarthy high waisted black denim a few weeks back, and all I thought to myself when I looked in the mirror was, “well dayummm!” Experimenting with fashions has given me so much more confidence, and opened a whole new world of possibilities for me when shopping on my own!

photo Read Kerri’s 5 star review of the Johnny Was Stars Popover Tunic here.

Which styles do you find work best for your body type?

I love clothing that shows off my waist, hips, and legs. Since joining Gwynnie Bee I have been majority crushing on basically every fitted midi dress I have tried on, specifically RACHEL Rachel Roy, and Adrianna Papell dresses. I love how they hug my curves, but give just enough stretch, show just enough leg and are super sleek and sexy.

For more First Fit Favorites, find the purple badge on select products and read the reviews to see if it could be your new best look, too.

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