BHCC Relief Sale with Darlene and Sandra

Both Darlene and Sandra are proud children of Puerto Rican migrants. Darlene’s parents are from Manati and Arroyo but now call Manati their home. Darlene loves her little island as much as she loves her New York City hometown. Darlene remembers spending summers and holidays with her abuelita (grandmother) and now is in the process of building her own house in the same town. Sandra’s parents were both raised in the town of Santurce and while she considers herself a Newyorican, her parents made sure that she knew everything there was to know her culture. They particularly instilled in her the ideals of orgullo boricua – Puerto Rican pride!

From the food, music, history and traditions, Darlene and Sandra hold a dear place in their hearts for their home. As Latinas, Darlene and Sandra spent days agonizing over what was happening not only in Puerto Rico but in Mexico as well. They both shared the motto: if one of us hurts, we all hurt. So, together with other Latina influencers Darlene and Sandra decided it was time to use their platform and their voices to raise awareness and help out their communities, and thus the BHCC Relief Sale was started.

The Blogger House Curvy Closet Relief Sale was a collaboration between bloggers, Darlene of Suits, Heels and Curves and Sandra of La Pecosa Preciosa with other brands, influencers and friends to collect over 500 pieces of clothing that will be up for sale at a fraction of the cost, with all proceeds going directly to organizations supporting relief effort in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

The first sale took place on October 1 where the ladies sold 203 items and raised over $3000. Outside of the sale the ladies also received an addition 500 pieces of clothing that will be shipped directly to Puerto Rico for distribution. But the fundraising efforts don’t stop there. The ladies have two more events planned and encourage all of those who are interested in supporting and of course shopping for a good cause to join their Facebook group. Darlene and Sandra have also set up a Go Fund Me site to help in their fundraising efforts. To make a monetary donation please visit – all monies collected will be combined with the funds collected on Sunday.

Darlene and Sandra are aware that there are so many other communities around the world hurting from natural disasters and man made devastation but they help that more people will join forces to help make a difference however way they can. Whether its through a donation, a post share on Facebook or writing to your local government, we all have the ability to influence change.

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