Unlocking the Elusive Work – Life Balance

The “Work – Life Balance” is a buzzword concept we’re all aiming to achieve, but an active working life doesn’t always make it easy. Our work is certainly important, but without relaxing and fulfilling personal time, our efficiency and our mood crashes. We have eight practical tips to work towards a more even balance in our lives, for benefits that reach everywhere from better sleep to a more productive work life. read more

The Orderly Life: Organizing Your Desk

If you’re getting cold sweats, nervous jitters, or outright ignoring the impending holiday season (and all the stress that comes with it), we don’t blame you! But we do have a solution. No, we can’t do your shopping for you, or prepare your aunt’s recipe to perfection, but we can help you get your life in order before the season hits full steam. Introducing: The Orderly Life, tips to get your day-to-day organized, so you’re more prepared to meet the holidays head on.  read more