Autumn Ease: Introducing The Fall 2017 Lookbook

Fall conjures a sense of change, a shift in outlook and a chance to reinvent. Temperatures cool. School resumes. Life takes on the frenzied pace of doing–rather than being. We look forward to the new season for it’s possibilities, and we take that to heart with our new Fall Collection. Explore the best in our new Lookbook, with its  mix of sophisticated, yet relaxed styles. Explore key highlights of the collection below, and see how this can be your season of reinvention.   read more

Horizontal Strips: Friend or Foe?

We’ve all heard the fashion rule warning against horizontal stripes being unflattering, and to that we say, “hogwash”. We love the horizontal stripe and have determined they firmly fall in the “friend” category. Classic, bold, or simply chic, this print has endless possibilities. If you’re wary of trying out a horizontal stripe, consider one with varying stripe widths or colors, or break them up with solid separates. Need further inspiration? Read on to see some of the lovely ladies on our #ShareMeGB feed rocking and loving a horizontal stripe. read more

10 Solutions to Your Dressing Room Woes

None of us are immune to shopping woes – whether it’s a habit we can’t quit, a deep-rooted phobia of dressing rooms, or it’s tastes that go beyond our budget. We bring you confessionals from the depths of your dressing room nightmares, but don’t worry, no matter who you identify with, we’ve got a solution for you. Spoiler: it’s Gwynnie Bee. read more

Dress for the Job You Want: Wine Sommelier

Remember the empowering feeling that came with playing dress up in childhood? That plastic crown and costume jewelry was a portal for adventure. While fairy wings may not have the same effect in our adult lives, there is something magical about stepping into the shoes of your alternate lives: be it a chic gallery owner, an experimental artist, or a modern restauranteur. So, maybe you don’t know anything about wine, or that sketch book was only a passing thought – your wardrobe doesn’t need to know that. We’re taking inspiration from jobs we’re fantasizing about and dressing for the job we want. read more

Summer Essentials: Pieces You Need to Try Before The Season’s Over

Keep your cool as the warm weather wanes with our favorite late-season essentials. We highlight the key looks to bid summer a fashionable farewell. Bold prints, breezy fabrics, and breathtaking colors: these are the pieces you have to give a go before the season’s gone. Style’s always changing, but these summer highlights–we just can’t say goodbye. read more

Petal Pushers: Wear Now, Wear Later Floral Dresses

Be it bold blooms or dainty petals, these floral dresses keep the mood elevated but of the moment. Go beyond garden variety for instant impact to carry you through the shifting season from summer to fall: wear these now and later. Be it your daytime mix or evening dress-up, these powerhouse styles invest late summer with an elegant refinement. Effortless fabrics like chiffon or georgette and a tasteful palette lend these flowers extra power–here we highlight our favorites. read more