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Love Her Look: Chastity Garner

We can’t get enough of Chastity Garner, the top blogger behind GarnerStyle and author of The Curvy Girl’s Guide to StyleFearless in the face of a fashion challenge be it crop tops or summer leather, jumpsuits or horizontal stripes, Chastity doesn’t hesitate to take risks. She’s also a pro when it comes to achieving classic style, making her an admirably versatile dresser. Check out some of our favorite GarnerStyles and learn how to get the look with Gwynnie Bee. read more

Shape Report: Triangle Styles

Today we launch the collection of pieces set to flatter those who are triangle-shaped. For this shape report, we turned to triangle and Queen Bee at Gwynnie Bee, Christine Hunsicker. Triangles are women with hips that are wider than their shoulders. I can thank years of field hockey for this booty! Most women of this shape have smaller busts. My biggest tip for those of us who are triangle-shaped is to work with balance. This means creating a wider look at our narrow shoulders that will balance out our hips. Here are some more specific tips and some of my favorite Gwynnie Bee pieces for triangle shapes: Tip: Balance the smaller upper body with visual details at the neckline and/or shoulders. Wide straps, cap sleeves, or sleeve with detail like ruching work best. You can also layer any narrow-strapped items with a piece like a jacket or cardigan that contains the desired visual interest at the shoulders – it will achieve the same balancing effect.  Consider the Alfani Scroll Print Top, sizes L-3X. The contrast-color scroll print at the shoulders helps balance out the width of wider hips and draw the eye up. Consider the Igigi Barossa Scarf Print Tunic, sizes 12-30/32. The wide neckline and kimono sleeves brings width to the shoulders that balances out hips well. Consider the Kiyonna Sandy Striped Top, sizes 0-5. The combination of the stripes, elbow-length sleeves and tie detail creates a proportion-balancing effect for triangles. Tip: Stick to A-line or fuller skirt/dress cuts. Pencil skirts and slimmer silhouettes accentuate the widest part of the triangle-shaped body. Although, if you’re going for a body-con look or want to emphasize your booty, pencil skirts are great no matter what your shape! Consider the Lucie Lu Glynis Dress in Coral, sizes 1X-3X. The skirt floats away from the waist, which de-emphasizes the hips and keeps focus on the triangle shape’s narrower waist. Consider the Jessica Howard Scoop Neck Polka Dot Dress, sizes 10-24. This flirty dress has a forgiving, flowing skirt that skims across the hips instead of clinging where you don’t want it to. To balance out the top more, you can add a cardigan and chunky statement necklace to bring the visual interest up. Check out the full Triangle Shape Collection here. For our other Shape Reports, check out these posts.  Are you triangle-shaped? What are your favorite styling tips or your favorite GB items? We’d love to expand this collection with your suggestions. read more

Style Spotlight: Kirstin Marie

You know how there’s those people who always look inherently cool no matter what they’re wearing? Blogger Kirstin Marie is one of those people. She pairs on-trend apparel with vintage-inspired and sometimes quirky pieces that creates a distinctive style. Kirstin had a couple of photos recently that we loved, so we asked her to let us know what she likes about these Gwynnie Bee items. read more

Shape Report: Oval Styles

With the launch of our Shape Report for Ovals, we thought it’d be great to hear from someone with an oval shape who has tried lots of Gwynnie Bee items. Enter Emily Sandford of Authentically Emmie, who has been a Gwynnie Bee member for over a year and has tried lots of pieces. She shares some of her favorite styles from our Oval Styles Collection and styling tips for those with oval-shaped figures. read more

Short Styles: Advice from Wardrobe Oxygen

With the launch of our first Shape Report on Short Styles, we thought it’d be great to hear from a shorter woman who has tried lots of Gwynnie Bee items. Enter Alison Gary, blogger behind Wardrobe Oxygen, who has been a Gwynnie Bee member for a year and has tried lots of pieces. She shares some of her favorite styles for shorter women with us. read more