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Clem Styles It: The Back-to-School Edition

French model, Clémentine Desseaux is one of our favorite style icons, which is why we’ve asked her to be this month’s featured influencer – bringing you great style all month! To celebrate “Back-to-School” season and the start of something new, maybe it’s a new job, new school year, new career, or something else, Bonjour Clem is taking us back to the city. Between SUITS and Gossip Girl vibes, Clem showing off her new favorite styles to kick off fall! Check out her five favorite looks that you’ll want to bring to whatever your autumn holds. read more

What’s your Sign? Your 2017 Fall Horoscope

If our personalities are fated in the cosmos, could our style be too? This season when thinking about your new style, look to the stars – they just might hold the key to your next best ensemble. Read on to see what the universe has in store for your autumn aesthetic… or at least glean a little inspiration to try something new! read more

Horizontal Strips: Friend or Foe?

We’ve all heard the fashion rule warning against horizontal stripes being unflattering, and to that we say, “hogwash”. We love the horizontal stripe and have determined they firmly fall in the “friend” category. Classic, bold, or simply chic, this print has endless possibilities. If you’re wary of trying out a horizontal stripe, consider one with varying stripe widths or colors, or break them up with solid separates. Need further inspiration? Read on to see some of the lovely ladies on our #ShareMeGB feed rocking and loving a horizontal stripe. read more

Lightweight Jackets You Can Wear Now

Jump-start your new-season wardrobe with these essential jackets. As temperatures start to drop, the virtues of a light layer become clear, especially navigating these cool morning, warm afternoon days. Stay ahead of the fashion curve this fall with key trends like embroidery details, metallic fabrics, and bomber silhouettes. From crisp office tailoring to military-inspired linen toppers, these must-have styles will keep you warm while staying cool throughout the season. See our favorites below or explore the Blazers & Jackets section. read more

Rule Benders: Workwear That Inspires… Without Breaking the Dress Code

What you wear to work is a challenge a lot of women face: you want to dress nicely, professionally, but still have personality and style. Dress codes and workwear rules are ones that should be taken earnestly, but sometimes we can end up in a rut, wearing the same ol’ safe outfit to work. Today, we’ll take a look at a few rules that can be bent… without breaking. GB team member and style blogger, Jamie (Hey Jay Blog),  shows off a few rules you can bend to your advantage, while remaining polished and professional. read more

Wear Now AND Later: Styles to Take You Into Fall

We’re approaching the special point in the season where fall days are on the horizon, but the summer sun is going strong. We’re itching for a taste of that autumnal style, so we’ve started looking at ways to transition our closet with the new season. We’ve chosen two GB summer favorites to show off how to bring them with you as you flip the calendar. Read on to get a sneak peak of inspiration what’s to come. Wear these styles now AND later! read more

10 Solutions to Your Dressing Room Woes

None of us are immune to shopping woes – whether it’s a habit we can’t quit, a deep-rooted phobia of dressing rooms, or it’s tastes that go beyond our budget. We bring you confessionals from the depths of your dressing room nightmares, but don’t worry, no matter who you identify with, we’ve got a solution for you. Spoiler: it’s Gwynnie Bee. read more

Fit It or Quit It: 5 Common Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them

At Gwynnie Bee, we’re all about empowering women to look and feel like the best versions of themselves. We encourage women to wear what makes them feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Still, there are some consistent fashion faux pas that many women don’t even realize they’re making! Take some time to assess your wardrobe and consider if any of these common fit faux pas apply to you. If so, the good news is that they’re all simple fixes that can help take your fashion game to the next level. read more

Adventures in Style featuring Emily of Something Gold, Something Blue

Every month, we ask one of our Gwynnie Bee members to take a style outside of their wheelhouse for a 24-hour test drive. This month we asked Emily of Something Gold, Something Blue to try something new in her favorite Houston neighborhood. Stepping outside her style profile, see how this fashionista took the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Tibet Stamp Kimono Maxi Dress for a chic day on the town! read more