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Introducing: The Gwynnie Bee Book Club!

Happy National Read a Book Day! In honor of this holiday, we’re introducing the first Gwynnie Bee Book Club. Join us! Every two weeks, we’ll be reading a new book and discussing it with our hosts, who have curated their picks. We invite you to meet our first host Brittany Gibbons, “a body image advocate, model, NYTimes Best Selling author, TED speaker, media personality, internet entrepreneur, curve flaunter, comedian, adult summer camp owner, fashion hoarder, and eater of the cold chinese take-out in the fridge”. To meet Brittany and discover the first book we’ll be reading, check out her interview below: read more

10 Solutions to Your Dressing Room Woes

None of us are immune to shopping woes – whether it’s a habit we can’t quit, a deep-rooted phobia of dressing rooms, or it’s tastes that go beyond our budget. We bring you confessionals from the depths of your dressing room nightmares, but don’t worry, no matter who you identify with, we’ve got a solution for you. Spoiler: it’s Gwynnie Bee. read more

Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene: GB Profiles Volume 2

Friday is here again (finally!), which means another opportunity to show off the Gwynnie Bee team and their great end of the week looks. While we at the GB blog are constantly looking for trends in what people are wearing, sometimes we don’t have to look farther than our office. The GB crew often experience moments of style synchronicity: several people in polka dots, or similar color palettes, and the occasional same outfit! This Friday, my coworkers were proving that summer is as good a time as any to wear monochromatic black & white. Read on to see who I caught working hard and looking good this casual Friday. read more

Dress for the Job You Want: Wine Sommelier

Remember the empowering feeling that came with playing dress up in childhood? That plastic crown and costume jewelry was a portal for adventure. While fairy wings may not have the same effect in our adult lives, there is something magical about stepping into the shoes of your alternate lives: be it a chic gallery owner, an experimental artist, or a modern restauranteur. So, maybe you don’t know anything about wine, or that sketch book was only a passing thought – your wardrobe doesn’t need to know that. We’re taking inspiration from jobs we’re fantasizing about and dressing for the job we want. read more

Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene: GB Profiles

Fri-yay! In honor of Casual Fridays around the country, let’s temporarily put style tips and beautiful member photos on hold and turn our spotlight inward for some exclusive behind-the-scenes goings on. Friday brings about standout style around our office, so I ambushed some of my co-workers with questions about how they pulled together their end of the week looks. And because we’re an office full of fascinating folks, I’ve also pulled out a few tidbits about the team who brings you your favorite clothing box service. read more

Mary Lambert live!

Gwynnie Bee proudly presents Mary Lambert live! This past Saturday, May 6th, we were pleased to host an open concert at our pop up, GB Flatiron, highlighting this charming artist, performing songs from her new album, “Bold.” Following up outfitting her upcoming new music video, hosting her live performance was a great honor. Read on to see photos from the event as well as watch the Facebook Live of her moving and beautiful performance. read more

Tracy Reese x Gwynnie Bee BTS Launch Party

Bringing Plenty by Tracy Reese exclusively to Gwynnie Bee in extended sizing is something to celebrate! And with GB Flatiron (Gwynnie Bee’s first NYC pop-up experience) in full swing, we jumped at the chance to show off the collection live in NYC. Sipping champagne, playing with clothes, and watching lovely ladies rock the runway in the Tracy Reese collection, made for the perfect evening. Read on for a recap of this fun event with a special appearance of Tracy herself! read more