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Gwynnie Bee Staffers Take NYDJ Denim for a Spin

Christine wears the NYDJ Tanya Boyfriend in Manchester, sizes 10-24W

“Normally I wear a size 12-14 jean and they are typically loose fitting, so trying on anything tight was quite a departure for me. I did really like the look of the Tanya Jean, even thought I felt like it was much tighter than what I would normally wear. I had on the size 10…to be honest, if I were buying them, I would probably get a size 12 so that I would be sure I would actually leave the house in them. Everyone else thought they looked great, but I think I need one size up to feel really comfortable in my skin. I paired them with heels, which was fun for the photoshoot…but I’d normally wear them with cute flat sneakers (like a pair of low Chucks in a fun color). It was a bit tight in the tummy in a size 10, but I think it’s part of their technology – it certainly shaved a few inches off my waist line, but it felt a bit like wearing a denim pair of Spanx. I think that’s a good thing? I am 5’8″ so I didn’t roll them up much at all. I would say they fit pretty true to size.”

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Brand Spotlight: NIC+ZOE

NIC+ZOE Co-Founder and Creative Director Dorian Lightbown with daughter Zoë.

NIC+ZOE, the refined and stylish brand recently introduced to the Gwynnie Bee collection, offers casual style that makes it easy to add polish to your look. Fans of the brand have great new styles to look forward to in tomorrow’s New Arrivals release, Co-Founder and Creative Director Dorian Lightbown tells us more.

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Brand Spotlight: Cabiria

Eden in her studio

At a small table by the window over two cups of hot black tea, we asked Eden Miller to describe her brand’s aesthetic. We were sitting together on the studio side of the divider separating her work space from her bedroom; creative artifacts surrounded us. In the presence of printed swaths of fabric pinned to cork boards, antiquated movie posters framed and faded, tender green plants leaning towards the light, shelves upon shelves of vintage sewing literature, and more color than the eye can possibly take in at once, the answer was abundantly apparent.

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Brand Spotlight: Kiyonna

Kiyonna Founder and President Kim Khanbeigi

We are excited to bring you another brand spotlight, this time from Kiyonna. With over 100 unique styles in our collection, Kiyonna is a Gwynnie Bee favorite, offering great variety from sumptuous wrap dresses in vibrant colors to versatile convertible pieces to breezy chiffon blouses. Passionate founder and Kiyonna President Kim Khanbeigi gives us some background and insight into the brand.

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