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Valentine’s Day, My Way: Inspiration for Any Celebration

No matter how you celebrate—with your friends, family, or that special someone—Valentine’s Day is an excuse to spread the love, even if it’s making sure to give some to yourself. We’re getting inspired by a few of our favorites bloggers: how they’re spending the holiday, what they’ll be wearing, and we’ll even be treated to a little love-themed poetry! Read on to see how Gavyn of The Curvy CutieMindy City Beauty, and Alex Michael May make this holiday their very own. 

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Work It: A Guide to the New Workwear

Spending five days at the office makes workwear an essential part of anyone’s personal style. Our new guide breaks out of the 9-to-5 routine, and inject a fresh point of view into our work ensembles. Business casual is being stretched to new heights, mixing in a touch of the unexpected for balance. Check out our Lookbook to closet a chic new work wardrobe, cut from a superior cloth. Read our styling tips to take your office style to the next level.

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Pro Tip: Dressing for Date Night in Winter

Date-night dressing requires unique considerations. Hemline, shoulders, neckline—details count when putting the special in special occasion. Winter adds an extra element. Fortunately, we have you covered when you want to keep things romantic during colder months. Explore four stylish alternatives to date-night looks that will keep you looking sultry—even in the snow.

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