James Jeans has become synonymous with both great fit and high quality since the line launched in 2004. We are so thrilled to be bringing sizes 30 and 32 from the brand exclusively to Gwynnie Bee along with the full range of sizes in key styles. We checked in with the team at James Jeans to find out even more about fit, working with plus size and how they achieve true premium denim. Read on for our interview with the team, and closet the latest styles from James Jeans on GwynnieBee.com in sizes 10-32.

James Jeans via Gwynnie Bee

James Jeans Moto Curvy in Baroque

Q: Tell us about the women you design for. Do you have anyone specific in mind?
A: James Jeans has always designed denim that has the ability to fit, sculpt and flatter the entire spectrum of body shapes and sizes. We understand that no one person is the same, and so we have perfected our “Best Fit” motto and patterns to make sure that this stands true for everybody.

Q: How would you describe the brand’s aesthetic?
A: Classic and timeless with modern chic twists, all tied together with comfort and functionality.

James Jeans via Gwynnie Bee

James Jeans Twiggy Curvy in Burlesque

Q: How do you achieve the Best Fit? What goes into that?
A: Using the best possible fabrications that we search for around the world.  They are the most comfortable, last the longest, and can withstand the most rigorous wash processes that result in unique and fresh colors and washes.  We also use our 3D patented back pocket dart that gives your bum the lift it may or may not know it needed 😉  We draw all of our patterns by hand, where most companies use computers or digital methods, we find that the “by-hand” helps ensure our authenticity and care. Our pockets are relatively sized (meaning we make a special pocket for each size so that is fits perfectly with it’s respective size), higher waist rise and specially angled yokes and belt loops all work together to give your bottom half its best possible presentation!

James Jeans via Gwynnie Bee

James Jeans Juliette Curvy in Olefina

Q: How do you achieve a great fit for plus size denim? What about the extended sizes?
A: In a nut shell, we took our signature best fit and re-worked the patterns to incorporate plus size needs and proportions. This was only the beginning. Once we had a group of prototype samples, we held fit sessions with fit models, friends, and bloggers and had everyone try numerous pairs on and give us feedback for each one. We also held interviews with everyone and asked them what their ultimate jean would be like and what other brands they shopped. The most common concerns we found they had with other brands were in regards to the rise being too low where it wouldn’t cover, or too high in which case would be cutting into the stomach as well as concerns about fabric feeling cheap and stretching out. Everyone’s number one call out was the disappointment over the fact that NO other true premium denim brand offered jeans in sizes for them. James Jeans makes jeans for all shapes and sizes and does so proudly in the USA.

James Jeans via Gwynnie Bee

James Jeans Twiggy Curvy in Midnight Plaid

Q: James Jeans is a premium denim line. What goes into the high quality of the pieces?
A: World class fabrications, perfected hand-drawn patterns, extremely talented and well educated designers that have been with the company for over a decade, including one of the owners, Seun Lim, our head designer who specializes couture design and draping.

Q: How do you want a woman to feel when she wears James Jeans?
A: Confident, Sexy, and COMFORTABLE!

James Jeans via Gwynnie Bee

James Jeans Hunter Curvy in Solstice

Q: Why are you excited to be partnering with Gwynnie Bee?
A:Our plus size business has been very successful since it launched, but especially now as this market is emerging and growing so rapidly, we are so happy to team up with an experienced and well-known force in the plus community to help show our love and support for women of any and all shapes.

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