Shape Report: Column Styles

Gwynnie Bee Shape Reports series, showcasing women of all shapes & body types: sizes 10-32

Today, we launch a collection of pieces proven popular with members whose shoulders, waist, and hips are very close in size – our Column Styles. A column herself, Gwynnie Bee model Alexandra is well-versed in what does and doesn’t work for her shape. Here she shares her secrets for column dressing.

Hello my fellow column shape ladies! If you are like me we are all in search of the perfect dress, pant, or shirt that gives us that “hour glass shape”. I have a very athletic shape body, which is sometimes hard to dress with the current “in” fashions, so I find myself leaning towards classic looks while giving it some of my own flair to make me feel and look current. Wear what works; don’t force a trend if it doesn’t fit our body type.  Remember that balancing the top and bottom for us is key because we want to draw attention to certain areas while softening other parts. Luckily Gwynnie Bee gives us a lot of options to choose from!

Soft Surroundings Sensational Stripes Tank, sizes M-3X

This tank top is great because the diagonal sets of stripes keeps the eye moving down the body. The bottom of the shirt has horizontal stripes that widen our hips to balance the diagonal stripes in the middle that makes our waist look smaller. Bonus, mixing black and blue will be big this fall!

SWAK Deep Plunge Dress, sizes 1X-5X

Not only is this dress that I am wearing a great color, but the deep plunge takes my eyes down and away from my athletic shoulders (I like to use athletic rather than broad, has a nicer ring (:  ).  The cinched waist brings the dress in giving me a smaller waist area, which balances the flowing skirt that gives the illusion of a balanced hip to waist to bust ratio.

Coldwater Creek Striped Flutter Dress, sizes 10-24

 We all must have a versatile dress that we can wear from work to happy hour. The stripes in this dress again create an hourglass shape illusion. The wider ones in the middle pull our eye in and then slowly we work our way out to the other areas of our body. The shoulders are soft and draping which makes us look softer on top without having too much fabric. It is a nice option if you want to keep your upper arms covered. The tie around the waist also helps in giving the dress itself shape.

Alfani Printed Draped Faux-Wrap Top, sizes M-3X

This shirt also has a plunge top, which brings the attention down from the shoulders. This shirt offers us variety of different looks meaning we can dress it up or down. Its simple but artistic print on the black gives us a little pop without being overbearing and too top heavy. We always have to find the balance between top and bottom to give us the best shape.

ASOS Curve Skater Skirt with Belt in Emerald, sizes 16-24

A well-fitted high-waisted skirt can work wonders for our bodies. It is the perfect mix of flirty and sexy while being tasteful. Matched with a scooped or v-necked top it can be a great option for an upcoming party. Because the bottom is flared but fitted at the waist you can do a vibrant color or pattern and then balance it with a neutral top.  Have fun mixing and matching!

Check out the full Column Styles Collection here.

Are you a column? What are your favorite styling tips or your favorite GB items? We’d love to expand this collection with your suggestions.

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  • Patti

    Thank you! My favorites finally showed up in a style report. I also added 18 new items to the closet. I’m taking some big risks here.

  • Sharon

    I am new to Gwinnie Bee, but am definitely a Column Shape. I always called myself a Hershey bar! I agree with Patti, I am starting to take some risks in my choices, and why not? I can simply return what doesn’t work! Tried a peplum for the first time, and loved it 🙂

    Looking forward to the next Shape Report!

  • Gwynnie

    Stay tuned to our latest column styles curated collection on our Column Styles Pinterest board.