Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene: GB Profiles

Fri-yay! In honor of Casual Fridays around the country, let’s temporarily put style tips and beautiful member photos on hold and turn our spotlight inward for some exclusive behind-the-scenes goings on. Friday brings about standout style around our office, so I ambushed some of my co-workers with questions about how they pulled together their end of the week looks. And because we’re an office full of fascinating folks, I’ve also pulled out a few tidbits about the team who brings you your favorite clothing box service.

Allison: eBay Huntress


Retention programs manager Allison’s metallic kicks caught the corner of my eye and I beelined it behind her to the printer to get the details on this darling look. If her Melissa McCarthy 7Seven skirt looks familiar, that’s because she’s a member as well! Allison’s genius look is pulled together via a formula perfected over years: a unique, standout piece that fits very well + a basic + great pair of shoes = heads turning. Distracted and needing more info on the gleaming loafers, Allison tells me she was inspired by the silver footgear seen around our office (including by our CEO), and besides, “high heels and any shoes you can’t walk in are for the birds”. But my favorite part of her outfit is her sparkling smile, which might come from her telling me “I love Gwynnie Bee; I have never been happier at a job.” My heart!

Alex: Avocado Aficionado

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (2) Tiny anchors!

I found Alex in a conference room in a shirt with with tiny little anchors on it, and knew he’d make today’s list. Working in our Finance department, I had to know what attracted him to this novelty print. Turns out he describes his style as “Preppy Disheveled-Chic”, which answers my question. Alex is no stranger to a fun print. His favorite is really funky Thom Brown floral print, which he lovingly describes as “debatably ugly”. In my best investigative reporter voice, I asked Alex about what has surprised him most about working here at GB and he regaled me with a tale of the time Mabel curled up next to him.  Surprising indeed! I let him get back to his work to go find my next victim subject, but not without asking for a tip on what was on his office playlist: Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. But something makes me think he might just be Rickrolling me.

Francesca: Lover of Pom Poms and Pearls


Finally, I caught one of our buyers, Francesca, by our front doors looking completely chic in this black & white ensemble. Can you believe she slept through two alarms and still pulled this off? I’ve taken notice of several of her looks around the office, and she tells me it’s important any outfit has “an interesting point of view” (they always do!). Wanting to steal her style for myself, I got out of her that her main sources of inspiration can be anything from wallpaper from a boutique hotel to scenes from a movie. I guess there is some magic you just can’t teach. I let her get back to her mozzarella sticks and busy day after she reminded me what surprised her most about working for GB is just how much people are able to do with limited time. Noted.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek inside the GB Hive. Check back here on Fridays to meet a few more of our team members and get to know us on a more personal level – we’re pleased to be formally introduced. Happy Friday!

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