Inside the Hive: A Quarterly Update

Hi Gwynnie Bee Members!

Gwynnie Bee is evolving and growing quickly, and we want to include you in the excitement. We’re going to start sending out quarterly letters letting you know what’s happening here at the Hive. We hope you enjoy!

New Brands 
Over the past few months we’ve added a bunch of new brands to keep your ever-growing closet options fresh and new. We love to get inspiration from your suggestions, so please continue to send them along.


T-bags Los AngelesThree DotsLondon Times
Thread & ButterJaime by BB DakotaVicky Tiel
Learn more from Brand Spotlight series


• ABS • Melissa Masse • Cabiria • NIC + ZOE •
• Rachel Pally • Johnny Was •

New Look
You’ve probably noticed – but we’ve revamped our look all around, from website to packaging, and everything in between. We wanted a new look that was fresh and modern and we hope you’re enjoying it. Learn more on here.

@ The Hive
Here at the Hive, we have been growing quite quickly. In fact, we’ve just expanded to double the space in NYC which will allow us to get back to normal shipping times. We have also added more shipping shifts and switched to a laundry vendor with faster turnaround times. Thanks for being patient.

Try Then Buy
We recently launched our Try Then Buy feature, where you can buy any outfit that you have tried and fallen in love with. We think this is great because it allows you the flexibility to keep these pieces while still trying new ones from our ever-growing collection. Right now, you have to email us to get price quotes on pieces, but coming soon is the ability to simply click to buy right from our website. Instant gratification!

Thanks again for being Gwynnie Bee members. Please continue to inspire others by posting pictures on our Facebook wall or emailing them to us ( to include in our weekly Best of Week Roundup.


  • Comments ( 3 )

  • Barbara

    I think this is great! And considering shipping has been a significant issue lately, it’s good to know it may improve. Thanks for the updates.

  • Amanda

    Can’t wait to be able to buy items instantly!

    • debbie

      It would be nice if we had the option to pay with Paypal to purchase items that we want to keep.