How Gwynnie Bee is Taking Fashion Into the New Sharing Economy

What’s ours is yours….and hers—that’s the basic idea behind the Gwynnie Bee unlimited wardrobe for its members. But the idea of sharing and renting, as opposed to simply buying, is a relatively new one, especially in terms of fashion. CBS “This Morning” spoke with our CEO Christine Hunsicker about the new sharing economy while touring our warehouse and dry cleaning facility (seriously, it’s the biggest closet you’ve ever seen).

Watch the video here, and see what else CBS had to say about us below.


“We are seeing a big shift between buying something once to paying a subscription fee to access a whole category of things,” Wired editor-at-large Janson Tanz said.


“I think you’ve got an entire generation of people growing up now that are all about smarter utilization. And looking at how can I make my dollar stretch further for experiences and less for things?” Hunsicker said.

CBSMorning_02 “We want it to be a place where managing a rotating wardrobe is actually the way the majority of people interact with clothing,” [Hunsicker] said.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the sharing economy and renting from Gwynnie Bee in the comments below!

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