Gwynnie Bee in the Headlines

Plus-size fashion rung in the new year with a flurry of features. In a number of them, writers dug into how plus-fashion brands are adapting to the needs of the unique consumer base. A few of our friends were featured – Nicolette Mason, Tanesha Awasthi and Sarah Chiwaya – as was yours truly, Gwynnie Bee.

Gwynnie Bee in the New York Times

image via @curvily on Instagram

Some pretty awesome outlets have cited Gwynnie Bee as an influencer in the dynamic and crucial plus-fashion landscape.

We look forward to continuing to be a part of this important discussion.

Here’s looking at you 2015! 😉

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  • Jennifer

    Congrats! I’m so happy to find GwynnieBee! Everyone at work has complimented me on my clothes! Thank you for giving me a chance to be stylish!