Closet Smart: Spring Cleaning Your Virtual Closet

With warmer weather just around the corner, a little “Spring Cleaning” is in order. You may already be starting the process of organizing your closets at home, but be sure to do the same thing for your virtual closet here on Gwynnie Bee!

Gwynnie Bee Rack of Clothes

With thousands of styles for any occasion to choose from, we want you to get the right look at the right time. While we can’t always guarantee exactly what’s available in your size at any given time, we’ve got some great tips and features to keep your style seamless and seasonally-appropriate.

Gwynnie Bee Closet

Start by checking out what you have currently in the At-Home section. Is there a piece of outerwear you’re ready to swap out for something lighter? A sweaterdress that you’ve gotten your fill of? (Hint: check out our current Bundle & Win contest—send back more and you can win big!)

Return Notify

When you’re ready to ditch the bulky knits and ready to start flaunting flirty dresses, take advantage of your On Hold section. This is a place to bookmark items for later, when it’s the appropriate season or occasion. So if you love a sweater that you never got around to or if you see a dress that’s still a little too lightweight for where you are, put them On Hold. When the time’s right, simply move an item to the On The Rack section with a quick click. Ta-da!

Move On Hold Move to On Hold to save an item for later

While you’re at it, check out your On Hold section to see if there are any styles you’re ready to receive. There might be a cute tank top or skirt that you want to try out again or a piece you never got around to prioritizing. Remember, the more you closet, the better!

Move To Rack Move to Rack when you’re ready to receive an item

Eyeing a piece you just can’t wait to receive? Let us know! To prioritize an item, go to your “On-the-Rack” section, click on the item’s “Options” menu and select “Prioritize”. While we can’t guarantee that item will be available, it’s the best way to let us know what you want first.

Prioritize Prioritize Your Favorites

Let’s say you have a special occasion on the horizon, maybe a spring holiday or garden party? We recommend finding several styles that would fit the bill and prioritizing all of the ones that could work for your event.

Daytime Party

We’re ready to see those great new looks! Share photos with us and use the hashtag #ShareMeGB for a chance to be featured.

New Arrivals

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