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Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene: GB Profiles Volume 4

As it’s the Friday before Labor Day weekend, we thought another edition of GB Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene is a perfect way to wrap up the week! Today, I connected with two of my coworkers sporting their end of summer looks and I hounded politely inquired about how they picked them out, and was also reminded of a classic GB anecdote and am still chuckling. Read on to get to know us and have a laugh too. read more

Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene: GB Profiles Volume 3

Friday has arrived once again – which means, more GB Profiles! Labor day might be around the corner, but we’ve got another holiday on our mind: tomorrow is Women’s Equality Day! I feel incredibly lucky to work in an environment that promotes women’s empowerment as part of our mission both through Gwynnie Bee, the company, and internally in our offices. I was chatting with Emma, the head of our HR team about how I feel that vibe in our offices and she tells me, “We have intentionally built a diverse leadership team and we have created an environment that fosters plurality of thought.” Even though I write daily for my job, I could not have said it better myself. read more

Fit It or Quit It: 5 Common Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them

At Gwynnie Bee, we’re all about empowering women to look and feel like the best versions of themselves. We encourage women to wear what makes them feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Still, there are some consistent fashion faux pas that many women don’t even realize they’re making! Take some time to assess your wardrobe and consider if any of these common fit faux pas apply to you. If so, the good news is that they’re all simple fixes that can help take your fashion game to the next level. read more

Off-the-Record, At-the-Scene: GB Profiles Volume 2

Friday is here again (finally!), which means another opportunity to show off the Gwynnie Bee team and their great end of the week looks. While we at the GB blog are constantly looking for trends in what people are wearing, sometimes we don’t have to look farther than our office. The GB crew often experience moments of style synchronicity: several people in polka dots, or similar color palettes, and the occasional same outfit! This Friday, my coworkers were proving that summer is as good a time as any to wear monochromatic black & white. Read on to see who I caught working hard and looking good this casual Friday. read more

Dress for the Job You Want: Wine Sommelier

Remember the empowering feeling that came with playing dress up in childhood? That plastic crown and costume jewelry was a portal for adventure. While fairy wings may not have the same effect in our adult lives, there is something magical about stepping into the shoes of your alternate lives: be it a chic gallery owner, an experimental artist, or a modern restauranteur. So, maybe you don’t know anything about wine, or that sketch book was only a passing thought – your wardrobe doesn’t need to know that. We’re taking inspiration from jobs we’re fantasizing about and dressing for the job we want. read more

1 Style, 3 Ways: The Eloquii Maxi Split Back Shirt

The White Button Down is a staple in every woman’s closet, which is why we love the modern twist Eloquii put on it to create their Maxi Split Back Shirt. This piece has so much versatility, so we reached out to three of our favorite fashionistas for inspiration on how to make this look your own: Erin of Braids and Big Earrings, Sandra of La Pecosa Preciosa, and Erica of Truth Tea. Read on to get their tips and tricks and be sure to closet the Eloquii Maxi Split Back Shirt for yourself.  read more