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Snaps to Sexy at Every Curve

This is a guest post from Emily Sandford of Authentically Emmie

As a plus size woman, it can take a lot of imagination to look at a magazine and picture how you would look in the clothes. Some companies are stepping up big time by working to celebrate curves not traditionally seen, and Swimsuits For All is the most recent company to make me stand up and applaud.

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Shape Report: Oval Styles

With the launch of our Shape Report for Ovals, we thought it’d be great to hear from someone with an oval shape who has tried lots of Gwynnie Bee items. Enter Emily Sandford of Authentically Emmie, who has been a Gwynnie Bee member for over a year and has tried lots of pieces. She shares some of her favorite styles from our Oval Styles Collection and styling tips for those with oval-shaped figures.

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