October 2013

Because the rules were made to be broken.

Some believe that great style is defined by a particular set of rules. We’re all familiar with them – they’ve been around for as long as any of us can remember. For the most part, these rules have passed as law, but a few brave women among us have begun to question them. As it turns out, under even the slightest interrogation these so-called pillars of fashion crack and crumble and are exposed for what they really are: basically bogus, absolutely arbitrary, sartorial silliness. read more

Free To Be Hue

As much as we love the citrusy colors of summer, what’s more refreshing than the rich hues ushered in by the autumnal equinox? We’re taken with three hues in particular: Soft Sable, Violet Verve, and Electric Cobalt. The Soft Sable Collection is full of warm browns perfect for a crunchy afternoon stroll. Our Violet Verve Collection is rich with jammy plums and regal purples, while the Electric Cobalt Collection introduces a trendy color-of-the-moment. Browse all three collections below and closet something that speaks to hue – er, you! read more